Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heliconia Painting In Progress

I was awarded the entire set of Daniel Smith watercolor paints at the Northwest Watercolor Society exhibition this past spring. I have just been enjoying looking at all the tubes of paint since then, but decided to try some of the reds for this painting. WOW! These reds are fantastic. I'm using Perylene Violet for the darkest reds, Pyrrol Crimson for the middle value red, and Permanent Red (Holbein-- oops) for the lightest value red. The Permanent Red is great too. My reference photo is down in the "Inspiration" posting on this blog. You can see that I left out some of the stalks which ran right through the middle of the flowers. I love this stage of a painting-- everything seems to be coming together and you can see the end in sight. Only problem is you have to start with a big white sheet of paper again as soon as you're done!


  1. I love seeing the progress of this painting. Thanks for sharing it step by step, and the kind of paints you use. Lucky you! A whole set of Daniel Smiths! I'm slowing adding to my collection of his paints and just love them.

  2. Looks great! Love seeing the development of a complex piece like this.

  3. Kathleen - it's so great to see these posts and 'watch' the work come to life. Absolutely gorgeous - of course. And, what's even more amazing is how fast you are!