Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big Art

I've got a new project. I've had a roll of Arches 140lb cold press watercolor paper for some time, and have used it for some larger paintings. I've always wanted to paint larger watercolors, so I got a sheet of 40x60 1/2" foamcore and another piece of 40x60" fiberboard and glued them together as a support. I soaked & stapled on the watercolor paper, and waited for it to dry. It has bowed a little, but it seems like it will work. For my first project, I'm going to paint a pond of lotus flowers. It should be
interesting though; my studio is so small, I can't even fit the 40x60 on my desk. It's projecting out at a diagonal angle!


  1. It has always been difficult to put that first brushstroke on a new, white sheet of paper. Now I've got 40x60" of white paper staring back at me...