Sunday, August 16, 2009

Working on Demo Piece

I've been working on a demonstration for my Watercolor Artist Magazine article for the past couple days. The painting is going well, but I hope the photos come out okay. I had to use the grown-up settings on my camera. I have a nice Canon camera, but I usually just use the "mountains" or "flowers" or "man running" settings, and let the camera figure out the f-stops and aperture. I get surprisingly good photos this way. Here's another new lily painting from the past couple weeks. (This isn't the demo piece). I've been getting pretty productive with my festival season looming ahead. Next weekend I have an art festival in Palo Alto, Labor Day weekend (Sept 5,6,7) I have the Kings Mountain Art Fair in Woodside, CA; and the weekend of Sept. 12-13, I will be at the Capitola Art & Wine Festival. If I'm lucky maybe I'll lose 5 or 10 lbs. from the stress!


  1. Beautifulpainting. I sounds like you are going to be a very busy lady.

  2. You can do it Kathleen!

    I am planning to come to the King's Mountain Fest; we talked about that being a really great festival - it will be great to check it out!

  3. Nice painting... I want to see a large photo... Or better yet, see it in person... Looking forward to see you in the Capitola Art Fair...